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Justen Gillilan receives Patriotic Employer Award for support of National Guard Service

Justen Gillilan, operations manager, CHS, has been honored with the prestigious Patriotic Employer Award by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. This recognition comes as a testament to the exceptional support of his employee, Samuel, who serves as a truck driver and applicator at our Wausa, Neb. location.

Nominated by Samuel, Justen has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to accommodating the demands of Samuel’s National Guard service. Samuel expressed his gratitude, stating, “Justen is always flexible with time off before and after unit training, even during our busy seasons. He is willing to grant extended periods if needed because he understands the burden being in the National Guard puts on an individual.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by those who serve in the National Guard, Justen goes above and beyond to ensure that Samuel is supported both personally and professionally. “When I am gone,” Samuel added, “Justen checks in on my family and me. Justen is highly supportive of my National Guard service.”

This award not only recognizes Justen’s commendable actions as a supervisor but also highlights the importance of fostering a workplace culture that values and supports employees who serve in the military. Justen’s willingness to accommodate Samuel’s service reflects our company’s commitment to honoring and assisting those who bravely serve our nation.

As Justen Gillilan receives this well-deserved recognition, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for his exemplary leadership and unwavering support of our National Guard members. His actions serve as an inspiration to us all, demonstrating the profound impact that a supportive employer can have on the lives of those who serve our country selflessly.