Seeds for Stewardship

Working together for a greater impact

The CHS Seeds for Stewardship program is a dual program between our local cooperative and the CHS Foundation. We look to support local projects that improve ag safety or cultivate ag leaders for life and to strengthen the hometown communities where our employees, owners and customers live and work.

How does it work?

The CHS Seeds for Stewardship program matches cooperative contributions for projects in rural communities. Cooperatives can receive up to $7,500 in matching funds for local projects that improve ag safety or cultivate ag leaders. What this means is, programs and organizations can apply for a grant from our local CHS locations, a committee then selects which project(s) we’d like to sponsor. After selection the committee submits an additional application on your behalf to have our local donation, up to $7,500, matched by our CHS Foundation. The matching of dollars, if awarded, is done completely through CHS.

Contact your local CHS location office for an application.

“CHS is focused on projects to help grow the next generation of ag leadership, strengthen rural communities and keeping our customers and neighbors safe.  Providing financial support directly to worthy organizations in the communities where we work, live, and do business is one of our core values.”

Mike Skuodas, senior director of operations

We are proud to support hometown communities and local projects, just like these.

In Spring 2024, CHS Inc. awarded a $7,500 grant toward a new extrication tool for the Garretson Fire Department (L to R) GFD training officer John Shape, Assistant Fire Chief Todd Fink, CHS Garretson Branch Location Manager Kelly Bunde, and GFD grant committee lead Dan Wagner.
In 2020 we awarded the Garvin Fire Department $10,000 to update turnout gear.
Lincoln County 4-H, 2019 Seeds for Stewardship Recipients
At CHS, we’re committed to strengthening our hometown communities across our trade area. We’re excited to announce our $5,000 donation to the Little Panther Preschool that will be used to purchase more age appropriate and safer playground equipment.
CHS is proud to support Lake Benton Public School for their new playground equipment project with the $5,000 donation through the CHS Seeds for Stewardship program.

Grant from CHS supports local 4-H improvements

At CHS, we believe the power of partnership can accomplish great things. We are excited to announce our $5,000 donation to the Lincoln County 4-H Program! 

This donation was made possible through the CHS Seeds for Stewardship program, a competitive grant program that matches funds for projects in rural communities based on three core focus areas: safety, ag leadership development, and broad community engagement. Stay tuned for further information on the project Lincoln County 4-H has planned.

“CHS is honored to give back to such a strong local organization that does so much for our youth,” said Michael Van Otterloo, manager of the CHS location in Canton. “Many of our employees have grown up being a part of 4-H. The future of our rural ag communities begins with our children, and organizations like 4-H will help build a strong future for agriculture in South Dakota.”

Check out the full press release.

CHS is proud to support the Ruthton MN Fire Hall Expansion Project with a $5,000 donation.
Agriculture Educator Mr. Wilson and FFA officers Elizabeth Steever, Mia Cramer, Denver Nordman, Sarah Kroeger and Madeline Loawe accept a $10,000 donation from CHS employees Adam Wiedesiek, Lance Jibben, Mike Crevier, Tristan Cable, Jordon Andernacht and Kale Bossman. The donation will be used for the Agriscience Learning Lab.


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