Safe and dependable, so you can rest easy

You can trust us for all your propane needs. As a hometown business with a great service team, we deliver safe, dependable propane gas to homes, farms and businesses throughout our service territory including the Sioux Falls area.

We’re committed to making safety a priority, and we offer a full range of Cenex® products and services, including tools to help you manage costs associated with fluctuations in propane prices. Our experienced, approachable staff and trained delivery team members are always happy to answer your questions.

Clean, efficient propane is an alternative fuel that helps cut emissions and protect the environment. In fact, it is the fuel source for more than 60 million Americans.

Ready to discuss your propane needs

Please contact us today so we can personally discuss your needs. Whether it’s propane to fuel your grill and home, or to power your forklift or grain dryer, we understand how vital propane is to you. That’s why we work hard to secure supplies year-round and to provide flexible payment/pricing options and propane delivery schedules for your convenience. And, we’re always ready to work with you to plan ahead and evaluate your propane storage needs for your farm or business.

Propane Safety

Know the smell of propane. If you smell it in your home:

  • DO get everyone out of the home and away from nearby areas. DO NOT attempt to find the leak.
  • DO NOT attempt to repair your appliance or light your pilot light.
  • DO NOT turn on or off light switches inside the home.
  • DO NOT use a telephone (including cell phones) inside the home or in nearby areas.
  • DO NOT light matches anywhere inside or near the home.
  • DO attempt to shut off the valves at the tank.
  • DO call both your propane supplier and the fire department for help from a telephone away from the home and nearby area.
propane deilvery

Sioux Falls, SD Office

1221 N Ellis Road
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
Phone: 605-332-5881
Propane Emergency: 800-310-1558

Luverne, MN Office

402 S Freeman Ave
Luverne, MN 56156
Phone: 507-283-4418
Propane Emergency: 800-606-4418

Marshall, MN Office

2712 County Road 6
Marshall, MN 56258
Phone: 507-532-3246
Propane Emergency: 800: 327-6507

Crofton, NE Office

211 W Main St
Crofton, NE 68730
Phone: 402-388-4588
Propane Emergency: 402-388-4588

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