CHS Days of Service

Strengthening our hometown communities

Each CHS employee receives 16 hours of paid time each year to volunteer within the local community. Whether it’s at their local church, sporting event, food pantry or a full employee group project, we are proud to support each persons volunteer efforts.

Employees used volunteer at the Banquet in Sioux Falls on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2019. Those present (clockwise from left) were Jackie Bailey (spouse of Jacob Bailey), Jacob Bailey, Michael VanOtterloo, Sue Boltjes (spouse of Eugene Boltjes), Tim Neuroth, Robert Rokusek, Eugene Boltjes and Brock Dexter. They prepared a meal of lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and oranges which helped feed those that are food insecure, including many children, from the Sioux Falls community.
Andy Toft, Dave Reiners, Ryan McKenney, Jason Dorhout, Jesse Kunkel, Kevin Paulson, Jordon Andernacht, Gary Nelson and Phyllis Hauger volunteered at the Girl Scouts of America sorting cookies for distribution.
Jacob Berg, Rich Wiese, Robert Rokusek, Brandon Mack, Jacob Bailey, Tim Nuerorth and Kyle Selken volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. Our crew worked at an indoor building center siding houses that will be moved to Sioux Falls this spring.

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