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Grant from CHS supports local 4-H improvements

BRANDON, SOUTH DAKOTA, June 26, 2019 –  The CHS retail business based out of Brandon, South Dakota, has announced a $5,000 grant to Lincoln County 4-H. This money will be used for repairs and new equipment to support poultry and rabbit projects.

“We are extremely grateful to receive this grant,” said Alina Krone-Hedman, the 4-H youth program advisor for Lincoln County. “It will significantly impact our rabbit and poultry members, as it will be used for purchasing more cages and items for showing, as well as improving the current equipment we have. With both these programs growing every year, this will help us guarantee animal safety.”

This grant will be used for a new rabbit show table, new rabbit and poultry cages, additional shelving for rabbits and poultry that will be movable to allow for better layouts in the barn as the exhibits expand, and repairs to current rabbit and poultry cages and equipment.

“CHS is honored to give back to such a strong local organization that does so much for our youth,” said Michael Van Otterloo, manager of the CHS location in Canton. “Many of our employees have grown up being a part of 4-H. The future of our rural ag communities begins with our children, and organizations like 4-H will help build a strong future for agriculture in South Dakota.”

This donation was made possible through the CHS Seeds for Stewardship program, a competitive grant program through CHS that matches funds for projects in rural communities based on three core focus areas: safety, ag leadership development, and broad community engagement.