CHS Worthing rail project

Welcome to the new CHS Worthing rail project update! The project started September 14, 2023. Since then, the majority of the work has been underground. Going forward, we will see more above-ground changes start to take shape. Exciting times ahead!

Current statistics:

  • Around 2000 yards of concrete and 800,000 lbs. of rebar.
  • 100% of deep foundation in the ground – over 3,500 yards of concrete in 467 auger cast piles
Figure 1: 3D Rendering of completed project.
Figure 2: Aerial Photo taken 6/10/24 of the project site.

Week of June 3, 2024 Highlights

This week was marked by substantial progress in both concrete and rebar work. Over 680 yards of concrete were poured within a seven-hour period, a notable achievement in our construction timeline. The process was impressive to observe, with significant changes unfolding throughout the day. Our team utilized multiple vibrators to ensure the concrete settled well between the rebar, complemented by a large super screed to achieve a level surface. The coordination required among team members for this extensive pour, covering approximately 40% of the elevator mat at a thickness of three feet, was exemplary.

Our rail contractors were also onsite to reassemble the rail system, which had been temporarily out of service due to the installation of tunnels and conveyors beneath. This reassembly is a crucial step towards future train loading operations.

Additionally, plumbing installations were completed for the onsite bathroom, and efforts are underway to connect water to the elevator. These seemingly small but essential steps are preparing us for the construction of the control room building.

This week also saw a peak in workforce presence, with 55 employees onsite, including our general contractor, rail contractor, electrical contractor, plumbers, and electric cooperative. It is impressive to witness the dedicated efforts of everyone involved, each contributing to the successful construction of the elevator.

Figure 3: Rebar installed and ready for the big pour.
Figure 4: After the first 40 trucks, the team began using the super screed to level the concrete.
Figure 5: By the time 65 trucks had delivered their loads, the concrete was starting to reach the end point.
Figure 6: 680 yards of concrete delivered by 85 trucks. The shapes of Bins 11 and 12 are now clearly visible  
Figure 7: The rail system is being reassembled. We are fortunate to be able to shut this down while still utilizing the small loop for offloading fertilizer.
Figure 8: Plumbing for our bathroom and utility room in the control room building.  
Figure 1: 3D Rendering of completed project.
Figure 2: Aerial Photo taken 6/3/24 on current project site

Week of May 27, 2024 Highlights

After 8.5 miles of drilling and 3500 yards of concrete in over 450+, the auger cast piles or deep foundation is complete. This is a huge milestone for the project.

The team is now focused on the elevator mat. As mentioned before the heavy lifting continues with putting in rebar for the elevator mat. The team has worked hard over the last week placing and tying rebar by hand. You can see in the picture how much rebar is being installed. They are working from south to north to start pouring the elevator mat in the next week.

The MCC room continues to take shape and is close to being wrapped up for the next phase. The steel roof and walls are being installed.

The new inbound scale dirt work is complete and ready for the forms and foundation to get the new scale placed and ready to be in service for this fall.

Figure 3: Steel going up in the MCC Room ceiling and walls, doors being installed.
Figure 4: Concrete forms are done for the elevator mat as well as you can see all the auger cast piles are installed. Finishing the forms shows the shape and how the elevator will look as it goes up.
Figure 5: Can see some of the 400,000 lbs of rebar getting installed in for the elevator mat.
Figure 6: Closer view of how complicated this rebar is to be installed all by hand and tied together.  
Figure 7: Aerial view of the rebar.
Figure 8: Can’t see a whole lot here but groundwork is complete for the scale and scale building foundation to be set. This new scale foundation will be for the new inbound scale to pair with the existing scale to be the outbound scale speeding up traffic flow.
Figure 1: 3D Rendering of completed project.
Figure 2: Aerial Photo taken 5/23/24

Week of May 20, 2024 Highlights

We’ve had some exciting developments over the past week! Our first above-ground structure, the Motor Control Room (MCC room), is now taking shape. Additionally, we’ve placed a transformer right next to the MCC room, which will soon be connected by our local power cooperative.

Concrete has been poured for the west and east rail approaches, allowing our rail contractor to return and put our track back in service. The concrete under the rail will help keep things tidy and clean after loading trains.

We’re down to about three working days left on our deep foundation work. With 93% of the deep foundation completed, over 3,300 yards of concrete have been poured into 417 of the 451 auger cast piles that will support the elevator. Once this is finished, the team will focus on installing 400,000 pounds of rebar into the Elevator Mat. This mat will evenly distribute the weight of the elevator across the deep foundation piles. The Elevator Mat will be a three-foot-thick concrete slab, requiring nearly 2,000 yards of concrete or 250 cement trucks.

The foundation for the control room building, which will connect to the receiving building, is also being prepared. Once this is poured, we can proceed with erecting the control room and receiving building.

Figure 3: 6 completed silo roofs ready to be placed in the slip form
Figure 4: Forms for the Cconcrete mat that will sit on all the auger cast foundations being formed. This mat will have a 3’ thick piece of concrete with over 400,000lbs of rebar in it.
Figure 5: The start of the rebar being installed for the elevator mat.
Figure 6: MCC Building was built quickly, along with electrical transformer set in place.
Figure 7: Floating foundation for control room of the elevator. This is one of three places where the elevator can be controlled from.
Figure 8: Concrete rail approaches in place
Figure 1: 3D Rendering of completed project.
Figure 2: Aerial Photo taken 5/13/24 of the project site

Week of May 13, 2024 highlights

We had two big concrete pours last week. They poured the south receiving floor, where trucks will drive to dump grain. They also poured the north rail and truck pit. The concrete foundation pad for the 4,000 amp transformer that will supply power for the project is ready for the local power company to install. Silo roofs are being put together and two are complete and staged for installation.

The existing scale has been taken down for preparation of the foundation that the new scale building will sit on. Digging has begun for the new inbound scale footings.

Figure 3: 2 Completed silo roofs on the left. On the right, huge stack of rebar that will be placed in the elevator.
Figure 4: Removed scale building – new building will be in the same spot and new scale will go on left side of image
Figure 5: You can see auger cast piles that are currently installed along with the long narrow section is the reclaim tunnel. The bottom area below grade is the shipping boot that goes 30 feet into the ground and will house two 40,000 bushels per hour legs.
Figure 6: New rail pit and truck pit concrete completed
Figure 7: MCC Building and transformer pad on the bottom. On the top, you can see the truck receiving area poured and the foundation for the silos taking shape for bin 11 and part of bin 8