Propane Contact Information

Please see our below contact information for area Propane and fuel needs. Need to get in contact with a Certified Energy Specialist? See our sales staff contact information here.

Sioux Falls, SD Office

1221 N Ellis Road
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
Phone: 605-332-5881
Propane Emergency: 800-310-1558

Luverne, MN Office

402 S Freeman Ave
Luverne, MN 56156
Phone: 507-283-4418
Propane Emergency: 800-606-4418

Marshall, MN Office

2712 County Road 6
Marshall, MN 56258
Phone: 507-532-3246
Propane Emergency: 800: 327-6507

Crofton, NE Office

211 W Main St
Crofton, NE 68730
Phone: 402-388-4588
Propane Emergency: 402-388-4588

Propane Safety

Know the smell of propane. If you smell it in your home:

  • DO get everyone out of the home and away from nearby areas. DO NOT attempt to find the leak.
  • DO NOT attempt to repair your appliance or light your pilot light.
  • DO NOT turn on or off light switches inside the home.
  • DO NOT use a telephone (including cell phones) inside the home or in nearby areas.
  • DO NOT light matches anywhere inside or near the home.
  • DO attempt to shut off the valves at the tank.
  • DO call both your propane supplier and the fire department for help from a telephone away from the home and nearby area.

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