2017 Friends of the Farm

We had a great day at Friends of the Farm yesterday! Friends of the Farm started to give back to the communities we serve and what better way then to bring area 3rd graders to Tracy and show them some of the dangers they may see either on the farm or even something as simple as a jar with liquid in it that may look like juice but is really a harmful chemical.

We also showed them the power of electricity and what would happen if farm equipment touched a live wire, how to use a fire extinguisher properly, PTO shaft and farm equipment safety, animal safety and what to do if you smell propane. Willbur Ellis also made a special trip with one of the planes they use for bug spraying.

The grand finale was put on by the Tracy Fire and Ambulance departments who showed the kids how they would get someone trapped in a grain bin out safely.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day and we know we touched one 3rd grader as he spoke of his uncle who lost his hand in a PTO shaft accident as he was watching the demonstration of what can happen if you are not careful around equipment. We can only hope that this event will keep each of them thinking about how to be safe and what to do if an accident should happen.

If you would like more information about this event please contact one of our CHS offices.

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