CHS Level Best® adjuvant delivers superior weed control

CHS Level Best

Weed issues seem to grow every year, which is why we now offer a superior surfactant to boost herbicide performance. CHS Level Best® was introduced in 2018. In its first year it was applied to more than 1 million acres of farmland, receiving strongly positive reviews from farmers and applicators.

CHS Level Best significantly improves herbicide uptake, translocation and efficacy, which gets more product into the plant than any other adjuvant. This means:

  • You can kill larger weeds and weeds that have shown tolerance.
  • It can serve as a rescue treatment on acres where herbicides didn’t perform.

It has an easy-to-mix formulation that includes an ammonium-sulfate-free water conditioner to help prevent the loss of active ingredient efficacy that can occur when the mixing water is of unknown quality.

To learn more, talk to your CHS agronomy sales representative.

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